sateri career Fan Hai Jiang
Fan Hai Jiang, Deputy Mill Manager (Joined Sateri in 2011)

I graduated in 1996 from Jiangxi Industrial Vocational College. After 15 years of work experience in the viscose industry, I joined Sateri in April 2011 as Spinbath Superintendent.

The experience setting up the Spinbath department in Sateri (Fujian) was a memorable one as it was fraught with many challenges. The sodium sulphate mixture from the calcination system was initially designed to enter the waste tank directly but I discovered nearly 7g/L of zinc sulphate left in the sodium sulphate mixture. I then led the team to carry out pipeline modification to the tank so as to recycle the zinc suphate and reduce the amount of waste water.

With the support of management, our small innovation was fully implemented. It not only helped us reduce our cost of production but also improved our production efficiency with a circular solution. As a team, we worked together and helped one another in every way possible – for that, I am grateful to the team and management for their support. 

In 2015, I was appointed Spinning Superintendent, spearheading 3 major human resources and systems management changes in the department. Later, the change management experience came in useful when I was promoted to production manager and continued to lead Continuous Improvement projects. One such project to reduce spinning waste fibre and chemical consumption resulted in 9 million yuan (approximately US$1.8 million) savings for the company in 2016! 

Despite my age, the company was willing to invest in me. I furthered my studies in Fudan University. My classmates were in their twenties and I was old enough to be their father. I studied doubly hard and actively discussed with my professors and classmates after lessons. Upgrading our minds and skills is also part of Continuous Improvement – we must never be complacent and think we know enough, or know everything. I still have a lot to contribute to Sateri in the coming years. The best is yet to be.