Sateri Premium Fiber Program

Sateri is a global leader in viscose fiber. Our natural and high-quality fiber, made from trees grown on renewable plantations, can be found in soft and comfortable fabrics sold around the world.

The Sateri Premium Fiber Program is designed to help fabric producers recognize and choose high-quality viscose yarn products.

For licensees in the program, the “Sateri Premium Fiber” emblem on yarn products is an endorsement of Sateri viscose fiber content and the quality of the yarn. Top-quality viscose yarns can only be made using top-quality viscose fiber.

For years, Sateri viscose fiber has been renowned in the market for its outstanding quality.

To explore the licensee program, please see below for details and contact us at +86 21 3861 6888-marketing team or

“Sateri Premium Fiber” – A Mark of Excellence

With a history of expertise from Finland, Sateri’s mills use modern technology to make viscose from 100% dissolving pulp to ensure purity and quality.

“Sateri Premium Fiber” stands for a commitment to yarn quality that delivers these benefits for fabric makers:
  • Excellent dyeing effects
  • Highly even fabric appearance
  • High fabric tenacity
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High efficiency and production yield

“Sateri Premium Fiber” Emblem

Selected yarn producers – our licensees – are authorized by Sateri to display the following emblems on their packaging or in marketing materials.

For licensees with products using 100% Sateri viscose in their yarns:


For licensees with products using at least 60% Sateri viscose in their yarns*:


*In the case of fiber blends (such as viscose/polyester), Sateri viscose must constitute not less than 30% of total fiber usage.

Quality Assurance

To ensure the “Sateri Premium Fiber” emblem is a mark of high-quality yarn products, the program has these criteria:
  • We only select leading yarn companies that produce high-quality yarn products
  • We have a stringent and systematic process to verify the reputation and yarn quality of partner licensees
  • We have license agreements with selected partners to govern the use of the Sateri logo and the “Sateri Premium Fiber” emblems
  • We have an audit process to ensure ongoing compliance and that Sateri’s high standards are maintained