Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Quality and sustainability mean everything to Sateri.

As the largest makers of viscose fibre, we take our commitment seriously to source wood pulp responsibly, minimise emissions and help build communities. 

Sateri does not source wood pulp from natural, ancient or endangered forests. Our dissolving pulp comes from sustainably-managed plantations of eucalyptus trees, which mature in just five to seven years. This combines a steady, sustainable supply with rapid reforestation when harvested areas are replanted.

Our five viscose mills in China are among the newest in the world, incorporating modern European technology and comprehensive environmental systems to maximise efficiency and minimise waste. Most of the chemicals and water are recycled and reused.  

We are a founding member of the Collaboration for Sustainable Development of Viscose (CV), an industry initiative to address sustainability challenges and drive market transformation. 

We adhere to all local regulations, all effluent is treated properly and our emissions are far below the industry standards set by the Chinese government. 

Sustainability extends to communities. Beyond creating jobs and a value chain of suppliers, Sateri’s community efforts include donating thousands of library books, helping with disaster relief, supporting cultural activities and conducting environmental awareness training. 

From sourcing to production, Sateri is committed to sustainability and environmental protection as a trusted supplier of high-quality viscose fibre and a responsible member of the community.