Recycled Fibre FINEX™

Recycled Fibre FINEX™

FINEX™, short for ‘Fibre Next’, is an innovative next-generation cellulosic fibre containing recycled content. Like our flagship brand EcoCosy®, FINEX™ is made from bio-based natural fibres derived from a mix of recycled pre and post consumer textile waste, and other PEFC-certified wood pulp from renewable plantations.

FINEX Sateri Recycled Fibre

Innovation and technology has made cellulosic textile fibre recycling possible and FINEX™ represents how nature not only renews itself but that products made from nature can also be regenerated. This, at its heart, is what circular fashion looks like. Launched in June 2020 , FINEX™ allows Sateri to be one step closer to making recycled fibre products available to the mass market.
  • Textile fabrics: Apparels and home textiles
  • Non-woven fabrics: Wet wipes, facial masks and other hygiene items
FINEX™ User Experience
  • Soft & skin-friendly
  • Breathable
  • Bright-coloured

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