Sateri takes its commitments to sustainability, the community and corporate responsibility very seriously.

As a transparent and accountable company, we encourage the public to send us feedback about our policies, operations and activities – and those of our suppliers and partners – so we can take action to address concerns, resolve grievances and improve our performance.

Please send your comments to

Your comments will be treated in strict confidence and sent to the people on our team who are best suited to investigate and deal with the matter. Please provide as much detail as possible so we can address your concerns quickly and properly.

Sateri is committed to treating all complaints fairly and in a timely way to ensure solutions are acceptable to everyone. To reach such a resolution, we ask that all parties act ethically and respectfully.

Our feedback system includes:
.Recording comments and grievances
.Taking action to verify claims
.Rectifying any confirmed issues
.Replying to feedback with details of actions taken

People who report a grievance and are unsatisfied with the written reply can send an appeal by providing information about the issues they consider to be insufficiently addressed.