sateri career wu yao fei
Wu Zhao Fei, EHS Manager (Joined Sateri in 2011)

I joined Sateri (Fujian) Fiber Co., Ltd. as a Graduate Trainee (GT) after graduating from Tianjin Polytechnic University with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. At that time, the Fujian factory was under construction, so I spent the first two years of training in Sateri (Jiangxi).

Many GTs from my batch have since left the company. Very often, I am asked (and ask myself): why I am still with Sateri? The company has given me a solid foundation in the first two years to develop industry competencies in cellulose fiber technology, as well as safety and environmental management. The investment did not stop there. I have in recent years, for instance, attended a week-long Management Development Programme at Fudan University and a one-year Sateri Eagle training camp to develop understanding in finance, market, technology and other management aspects. The training has been invaluable in developing me as an all-rounded professional. 

As an Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Manager today, I shoulder the immense responsibility of ensuring that Sateri meets the increasingly high safety and environmental standards set by the Government. It is a challenging task with serious repercussions for the company if not managed well. At the same time, the sense of satisfaction from achieving up to 400 days of safety is immeasurable. 

I am proud to be a Core Values ambassador of the company. Complementary Teamwork, Ownership, People, Integrity, Customer, and Continuous Improvement (TOPICC) are values which resonate with me on a personal level. I believe in giving my best to every assignment at hand and I am grateful to be awarded the ‘2016 Fujian Young Professional’ title which acknowledges my positive “can do” attitude. 

Sateri is a part of me, as much as I am a part of it. I met my wife who also works here. We have been fortunate to not only find love but also forged meaningful careers at Sateri. I am looking forward to marking my 10th anniversary with the company!

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