04 Apr, 2017

Fibre2Fashion highlights Sateri’s commitment to sustainability

4 April 2017. Sateri’s commitment to sustainability and responsible production of high-quality viscose has been highlighted in the latest Sustainability Compendium published by Fibre2Fashion.

Read more: http://magazine.f2fsupport.com/Sustainability-Compendium4/index.html#/20

In a message accompanying the article, Sateri’s CEO Tey Wei Lin emphasised how strong connections and cooperation are vital to ensuring the success of sustainability.

“Sateri’s central position in the long value chain from tree plantations to fibre to fabric to fashion gives us the unique opportunity to be a leader in responsible sourcing and production as we seek to learn, engage, influence and improve,” he said.

“This goes far beyond company policies or vague aspirations. We take our responsibility very seriously when we deal with our suppliers, our customers and other important stakeholders whose actions must be aligned in a progressive way to ensure impacts are minimised and benefits are maximised for all.”