01 Jul, 2022

Sateri Launches Three Carbon-Neutral Fibre Products

1 July 2022, Shanghai – Sateri, the world’s largest viscose fibre manufacturer, today launched three zero-carbon fibre products: EcoCosy®, Lyocell and FINEX™. All three products have obtained the PAS2060 assessment certification for carbon neutrality and have been launched in their respective markets. The launch marks a milestone in Sateri’s journey into green and low-carbon sustainable development and Sateri will continue to implement measures in carbon reduction in the future to achieve carbon neutrality.

EcoCosy®, Lyocell and FINEX™ underwent a cradle-to-gate Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that examines their environmental footprint and impact from raw materials to factory gate.

Sateri’s highly-efficient and closed-loop production process, combined with the use of biomass energy, photovoltaic power generation and other clean energy sources, support the comprehensive development of low-carbon attributes among these three carbon neutral products. As part of the product development process, Sateri invited local and international expert organizations to conduct detailed assessments of the carbon emissions in each of the products.

From the comparative analysis of data on the Higg MSI (Materials Sustainability Index), the carbon emissions of Sateri’s Lyocell fibres have been found to be much lower than those of traditional textile fibres.

FINEX™ is Sateri’s flagship recycled fibre which contains up to 20% recycled content. The carbon emission of recycled dissolving pulp produced from waste textiles is less than 10% of that of traditional dissolving wood pulp.

In recent years, Sateri has intensified its sustainability endeavour and grown rapidly into a leading producer of sustainable textile fibres. In December 2020, Sateri announced its Sustainability Vision 2030 which included ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction targets – 30% carbon emission reduction by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050.

Allen Zhang, President of Sateri, said: “Setting science-based targets, formulating carbon emission reduction action plans, and developing carbon neutral products are fundamental to combating climate change and achieving our goal of net zero. We will continue to explore new trends of low-carbon development for the industry, respond to the demands of downstream enterprises for low-carbon product solutions, and also help raise consumer awareness on responsible consumption and low-carbon lifestyle.”


About Sateri

Sateri is the world’s largest producer of viscose fibre, a natural biodegradable raw material found in everyday items like textiles, wet wipes and other personal hygiene products. Our five mills in China collectively produce about 1.8 million tonnes of viscose fibre yearly.

Our range of high quality viscose products, branded EcoCosy®, is independently verified as safe, sustainable, and responsibly produced. We also produce textile yarn, spunlace non-woven fabric, Lyocell, and FINEX™, a recycled textile fibre.

Headquartered in Shanghai, we have a sales, marketing and customer service network covering Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Sateri is committed to the fundamental principles of sustainable development; our business practices are underpinned by strict adherence to our Sustainability Policy, Pulp Sourcing Policy and universally accepted environmental and social standards.

More information at www.sateri.com


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