Sukanto Tanoto

Sukanto Tanoto


Sukanto Tanoto
is the Founder and Chairman of RGE, which manages a group of world-class companies in resources-based manufacturing with assets exceeding US$35 billion and more than 70,000 employees.

Despite not completing his education, he was a successful pioneer in the plywood and forestry industry in Indonesia and later diversified into palm oil, viscose staple fibre, specialty cellulose and energy projects.

He founded the viscose staple fibre business in 2002 with the construction of the Sateri Jiangxi mill in Jiujiang and the aim of producing for the Chinese and international markets.

Sukanto Tanoto’s philanthropy dates back to 1981. He founded Tanoto Foundation with his family to improve learning environments, develop future leaders and support medical research. The Foundation harnesses the transformative power of education to realize people’s full potential and improve lives.

He believes that whatever we do must be good for the Community, good for the Country, good for the Climate, good for the Customer – only then will it be good for the Company. 

This 5Cs principle is central to each RGE company in demonstrating sustainable and responsible leadership.

Sukanto Tanoto is a member of the INSEAD International Council, the Wharton Board of Overseers and various other educational, community and industry bodies. He is a recipient of the Wharton School Dean’s Medal Award, which recognises contributions to the enlargement of the global economy and the improvement of lives worldwide.

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