17 May, 2021

Keep Bacteria Away Comfortably with Sateri EcoCosy® Antibacterial Fibre

We live in a world full of bacteria. It can be found everywhere – in the air, soil, water, on our skin, and in our bodies. Its ability to multiply very rapidly under favourable conditions also adds to the risk of our exposure to illnesses and diseases.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us back to the basics of hygiene and sanitisation. We’ve taken extra precaution in washing our hands and cleaning objects that we touch, but beyond washing our hands and objects, is there more that we can do?

While there is no such thing as anti-virus clothing, we can wear antibacterial clothing to give our loved ones additional protection against common bacteria and microbacteria. This article explains how Sateri’s antibacterial technology works and its application in one of Sateri’s brand partners, Elite Basic’s school uniform collection.

Sateri EcoCosy®
Antibacterial Fibre

Antibacterial fibre refers to fibre that has bacteriostatic effect to inhibit or kill microbes such as bacteria and fungi. It not only prevents textiles from being stained by microbes, reduces cross-infection rate, but also resists disease transmission to protect the body. These special features are new functions that can be added to textiles used in the healthcare industry today.

Sateri’s antibacterial fibre is unique because viscose fibre is the only natural fibre which allows the injection of antibacterial functional agents into the inner structure of fibre during the spinning process to achieve much more effective antibacterial effects. The antibacterial effect is longer lasting, as compared to traditional post-treatment processes. In addition, other special functions like natural deodorising and UV protection can also be added.

Sateri EcoCosy Antibacterial Fibre

Sateri’s Antibacterial Technology at 2021 Autumn/Winter Shanghai Fashion Week

Active kids, happy kids! Shanghai Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2021 welcomed one of Sateri’s brand partners, Elite Basic’s school uniform collection, made with Sateri’s EcoCosy® Antibacterial® fibres on 12 April. The antibacterial series of school uniforms on show are all made of 100% bio-based Sateri’s EcoCosy® Antibacterial® fibre. Certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, these fibres are not only biodegradable and comfortable, but also retain their antibacterial properties even after 50 washes.

Sateri Antibacterial EcoCosy

“Besides bringing functional improvements to Elite Basic’s school uniforms, Sateri’s EcoCosy® Antibacterial® fibre also helps the school uniform industry transform and become more sustainable. The school uniform industry has traditionally been regarded as one that is boring. Now, with new innovation showcased by Sateri, we see how next generation fibre and fabric technology, and sustainable fashion are slowly becoming new driving forces in the transformation of the industry,” said Elite Basic’s Design Director, Rany.

She added, “I believe that with Sateri’s EcoCosy® as our fibre material, more changes will be made in the design of our product. The spinnability, blendability, and coloring rate of the fiber are excellent, and is suitable for all kinds of unique designs. At the same time, this collaboration helps us meet parents’ requirements to improve the quality of school uniforms and ultimately helps to encourage next generation to support green fashion.”

Now we are ready for more school activities!

For more information about Sateri’s EcoCosy® products, visit: https://sateri.com/products/viscose-fibre/